As the name suggests, here, the ‘O’ is a representation of the world, and the word ‘Civil’ and ‘Tech’ all together defines “Civil Engineering with Technology, rehabilitates the World for a better living!”

It is group initialized by the students of Civil Department, IEM Jaipur of UEM, where the students with their innovative ideas, their excellent efforts and hard-work, dedication, devotion, all together is meritoriously executed. Regular posts of latest upcoming projects, research and development updates are abstracted. Respected and well-experienced faculties are also a part of this group.


We’re a few, vowed to mother earth for sustaining its resources as well as satisfying the human needs, in a more sophisticated way, in a more hygienic way, in a more economic way! We are pledged to abide by the use of ‘Proper Technology’ and ‘Sustainable Development’. The recent advances in Civil Engineer technology needs to be exposed to the world at much wider aspect than the normal, which will give rise to more innovations and technocratic creativity. And always remember:

“The next creater to God is a Civil Engineer”