National Achievement

Cheers!! Team Civilotech

Now our project ‘Jigsaw Brick’ is a Winners of IIC NIC 2020 and now the project has established itself as nationally approved innovation.

The hard work for this can’t be expressed in words. Prof. Anurag Hamilton and Prof. Subhro Chakraborty have put in endless efforts towards it. Also, special thanks to UEM Jaipur management to provide every facility needed to build such an innovative project.

After a year long dedicated performance, we have achieved a great honor. Wish to look forward for more key achievements like this!

Little Step towards our Triumph!

It is indeed a great moment to announce that team Civilotech participated in Poster Presentation competition, held at University of Engineering & Management, Jaipur and was able to secure a place among the top 3!

Yes! Team Civilotech won #3rd prize for their project “Jigsaw-bricks” !


Om Viswakarmaye namah!

May Lord Vishwakarma fill each and every day of your life with happiness, your home with harmony and your professional life with great success.

Happy Vishwakarma Jayanti


Students of Civilotech group, University of Engineering & Management, Jaipur have organised the auspicious Viswakarma puja in their college premises to pray the creator of tools and machines and to seek his blessings for a progressive and prosperous life.


Design Your Dream Home!

A hand on workshop cum seminar was organised by the students of Civilotech of University of Engineering & Management, Jaipur on :

Design Your Dream Home

The event helped the students to frame their brilliant imaginations into visual 3D models using softwares. The event was conducted under Tech-Utopia, the tech fest of University of Engineering and Management, Jaipur in association with IETE (Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers).


BIM – Technostruct Academy

A 2-days workshop was organised by the members of Civilotech and IGBC – Student chapter of University of Engineering & Management, Jaipur in association with Technostruct Academy, Gurgaon to teach the students about BIM – about, projects, pros, future scope in Civil Engineering.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.

Technostruct Academy (TSA) is the training division of the renowned US Engineering & Technology BIM firm, called TechnoStruct LLC, with offices in California, Washington DC and Texas. TSA focuses on training students on the latest BIM technology and its practices with the support of industry experts well-versed with International Construction Codes & Standards, and have worked on live projects globally.

We believe our expertise, international presence and aim to train our students on technologies and practices beyond softwares, differentiates us from our competitors. Our course structure is such that it gives you hands-on experience on our on-going projects and makes you Job-ready right away. – Technostruct Academy

At the end of the day, it was found really amazing to see the huge crowd of students eager to learn BIM and implement and work on it in future. A great thanks to Technostruct Academy and University of Engineering and Management, Jaipur.


Short Tour on Analysis of Pollution at Delhi

A short tour was arranged by the Civilotech students on analysis of Pollution at Delhi. Various places were visited and recorded the amount of pollution at the specific spots and also viewed the preventive measures implemented to cut down the pollution level. Also, nearby Botanical Gardens and public parks were visited to see how much it benefited the residents.  It helped the students to witness the adverse effects of pollution at the current scenario, the preventive measures which had been already built up and also further modifications and related innovations required to improve the situation.


From where it all began!

John Smeaton was the first self-proclaimed civil engineer and is often regarded as the “father” of civil engineering. He was an English civil engineer responsible for the design of bridges, canals, harbors, and lighthouses. He was also a capable mechanical engineer and an eminent physicist.


As the name suggests, here, the ‘O’ is a representation of the world, and the word ‘Civil’ and ‘Tech’ all together defines “Civil Engineering with Technology, rehabilitates the World for a better living!”

It is group initialized by the students of Civil Department, IEM Jaipur of UEM, where the students with their innovative ideas, their excellent efforts and hard-work, dedication, devotion, all together is meritoriously executed. Regular posts of latest upcoming projects, research and development updates are abstracted. Respected and well-experienced faculties are also a part of this group.


We’re a few, vowed to mother earth for sustaining its resources as well as satisfying the human needs, in a more sophisticated way, in a more hygienic way, in a more economic way! We are pledged to abide by the use of ‘Proper Technology’ and ‘Sustainable Development’. The recent advances in Civil Engineer technology needs to be exposed to the world at much wider aspect than the normal, which will give rise to more innovations and technocratic creativity. And always remember:

“The next creater to God is a Civil Engineer”